A Full-Time Digital Marketing Team for a Fraction of the Cost

It started with an idea…

We are committed to helping our clients increase qualified leads and sales through a comprehensive social media marketing strategy, as well as email marketing, website SEO, and other digital marketing services. We’re a full-service agency.

Our History

At Binkt, we’re a small business too, so we understand that you need to concentrate on growing your business… and don’t have time to develop a digital marketing strategy – especially not keeping up with all those social media accounts. And you can’t spend of a lot of money either

We specialize in helping small businesses like yours achieve the results they can’t get themselves.

Binkt will become your “remote” marketing department – handling all of your digital marketing needs, so you can concentrate on building your business. And we do it affordably – it’s much cheaper to work with us rather than hire a social media specialist or digital marketer to join your company full time. If you already have marketers on staff, we’ll be their support team, ready to implement their strategies and help them achieve their goals.

We’ve worked with businesses in tourism, retail, real estate, food & beverage, e-commerce, and the movie industry. But that’s just a start.

We can help any small business looking to boost their online profile and bring in more much-needed leads and sales.


The team at Binkt, headed up by David Adda, has a combined 100 years experience in digital marketing. David alone has been in this industry since 1996. He trained the Binkt team, all of whom are college-educated, personally in his social media and other marketing methods.

We know the unique digital marketing needs of small business. We’re ready to work for you.

What David Says….

“Often our clients tell me thatthat brings about long-term success.”

David Adda

Binkt Co-Founder & CEO

David has over 30 years of entrepreneurial experience, 20 of those in the digital realm. Prior to Binkt, David ran an internet marketing agency spanning from the Caribbean to Florida. As an alumni of the University of Central Florida with a BSBA and an MBA, David put all of his experience and co-founded Binkt putting together his experience in social media marketing and his love for a good deal!