Social Media Strategy for Startups: the Beginners’ Guide

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For most of entrepreneurs and business leaders, social media marketing is an important tool. You need to be forward thinking and have a forward-looking approach towards it. However, having worked with startups, I noticed that many of them don’t take enough advantage of this amazing marketing channel. This is why, I have developed an easy social media strategy for startups, …

6 Tips on How to Engage Your Customers Through Social Media Strategy

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Once upon a time, the only online presence a startup needed to worry about was a website. Not long after, a Facebook business page became another virtual necessity. Next came Twitter, where news is so often reported — and even made —before anywhere else. And there’s more: Nowadays, if you’re a business that relies on visual branding, an Instagram account is a must. …

How to Use LinkedIn in Your B2B Content Marketing Strategy

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Social media marketing is a core part of B2B content marketing. Utilized by 83 percent of marketers, it’s the most widely used content marketing distribution tactic. And what’s the most powerful social channel? By far, it’s LinkedIn for B2B content marketing. LinkedIn has built up a reputation as ‘the’ social media site for B2B. It has been the top used B2B …

Why Live Events Could Be The Secret Sauce To Your Content Marketing Strategy

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There’s a good chance that you’re not investing enough of your marketing budget into live events. And your brand may be missing out on a significant amount of growth because of it. Let me explain why. At my company Bizzabo, we recently surveyed over 400 mid-to-senior level marketers about the current state of event marketing and where they see it heading. In …

Key Content Marketing Metrics For the Fearless Marketer

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Digital, social, and mobile technologies have dramatically changed the world we live in. And no function has been more disrupted than marketing. Executives won’t fund marketing if it doesn’t demonstrate real results. That’s why marketing ROI—including content marketing ROI—is one of the top challenges for CMOs and marketers. Social shares have no real value unless they drive engaged visitors back to …

Three out of four believe that AI applications are the next mega trend

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Although applying artificial intelligence (AI) is a challenge for enterprises, and budget is an issue, most brands believe that AI will bring success according to new report. IDC predicts that global spending on cognitive and AI systems is forecast to reach $57.6 billion in 2021. In a follow-up to its 2017 survey on the future of marketing and content, Foster City, …

The One Piece of Bad LinkedIn Advice You Need to Stop Listening To In 2018

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Using LinkedIn the right way can create a steady stream of new opportunities. If you’re on LinkedIn, you’ve received a connection a request from somebody you didn’t know. What did you do? LinkedIn recommends that you only connect with those you know well. For my first several years on the platform, I diligently followed that advice. I used LinkedIn to connect with my …

How to Market a Restaurant with the Latest Technology

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As technology and gadgets become commonplace in all areas of modern life, you will find that your customer base is more technologically aware than ever before, allowing you to find new ways to interact with them