Our Services

We specialize in money-making social media marketing strategies for your business.

At Binkt, we offer a coordinated strategy for all your social media and digital marketing – so you can push out a coordinated, compelling message across multiple platforms to increase your leads and sales.

We recommend you work with Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and Pinterest, among others.

A Full Range of Digital Marketing Services – More Strategies that Work

We’ll set up your accounts on all these major platforms and post fresh content daily to engage your prospects organically. We can use your existing images, videos, and other content. We can also generate or curate content on our end. Whatever is most convenient and effective for you.

Another popular service we offer is email marketing. Even as social media becomes a vital tool in business, an email list of leads and customers can be a key part of your marketing strategy.

At Binkt we’re experienced in strategies to grow your email list using industry best practice double opt-in sign ups. We can also segment your lists, so you target specific people based on whether they’ve purchased or not, their interests, and other factors. That specific targeting increases response to your offers.

We’ll increase your followers and help you turn them into leads… and sales. That’s more money for you.

  • Viral Contest

    We can also help you go viral with contest marketing that incorporates user-generated content. Your prospects and customers will help you spread the word and get buzz online for your business.

  • Organic Approach

    We do it all organically so you experience long-term benefits. We DO NOT buy Facebook likes or comments. And we don’t engage in any unethical practices

  • Ecosystem

    We’ll increase your followers and help you turn them into leads… and sales. That’s more money for you.

Not every service is right for every business. During your initial consultation, we’ll figure out the most effective approach for you.
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As part of our comprehensive services, we offer these digital marketing services:

Social Media Marketing (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn)
Social Account Setup and Management
Business Page Optimization
Content Creation
Blog Posts
User-Generated Content
Online Contests
Branded Posts
Email Marketing (List Building, Management, Segmentation, Email Templates & Campaigns)
Website Design Using WordPress
Digital Business Development
Digital Marketing Consulting