Increase Your Revenues with Daily Social Media Management

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Outsource Your Social Media Management

The days when you just needed to post a few times a month on Social Media are gone! Today you need to post targeted fresh content that will engage your audience, and also need to seek out your audience and entice them into becoming your customers.

Binkt Managed Social Media Solution

The problem for most businesses is simple, to post or not to post? Binkt brings you a comprehensive solution that will allow you to do what you do best, that is run your business while you let Binkt manage your Social Media.

Let Binkt manage your Social Media!

Daily Targeted Posting

We’ll create fresh daily content to engage your audience and manage your pages 24/7.

Engage Your Audience

We’ll create long term relationships between your brand and your audience.

Increase your Bottom Line

We’ll leverage your audience engagement into trust and ultimately more sales.